For my own enjoyment I took one of my favourite characters, Blinky Bill, and morphed him into an Ed Big Daddy Roth style creature. I call him Finky Bill. I fell in love with this character so much I ended up doing a few more illustration of him and even invented him a girlfriend.

I named Finky’s girl Meggs after Ginger Meggs, Australia’s longest running comic strip. I’ve had a blast kitting her out with Australian icons, from her ‘slip slop slap’ badge circa 1980 , the tattoo of the Chesty Bonds man on her leg, right down to the thick work socks tucked into her steel toed Blundstone boots.

I also plan to showcase a different native plant in each drawing. Like Meggs herself, our native flora are both fierce and beautiful.

© Marijka Gooding 2014

Poster for upcoming music festival Rock en Seine in Paris, France. For this poster I wanted it to be more like a comic, a still image or a ‘pregnant moment’ that tells a story and gives a feeling of past and present.

I got a lot of inspiration from photos of country and western singers from the early sixties and the Grand Ole Opry. I particularly love the elaborate detailing on the outfits worn on stage and how the genre depicts religious iconography.